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SEE THE WEBINAR RECORDED HERE. The First Ordinary General Assembly of  OpenFiling non-for-profit Association was held in the Bank of Italy, Rome, September 5, 2011 at 15:00 UTC. The following documents were approved:

  1. Ignacio Boixo: President. Spain, EuroFiling Co-coordinator, XBRL Spain
  2. Yoshiaki Wada: Vice-president. Japan, XII Board of Directors, XBRL Japan
  3. Igor Sakuma: Secretary. Peru, Head of IT, Banking/Insurance Supervision
  4. Colm O hAonghusa: Member (Alt. Secretary). Ireland, EuroFiling Secretary
  5. Herm Fischer: Member. USA, XBRL Standards Board, XBRL Formulae Chair
  6. Diane Mueller: Member. Canada, XBRL Best Practices Board
  7. Tushar Das. Member. India, XBRL filing project, Reserve Bank of India
  8. Allyson Ugarte: Member. USA, XBRL taxonomies developer
  9. Eduardo González: Member. Spain, IT entrepreneur

The speakers on the Assembly were Olivier Servais (Nominations Committee Chair), Yoshiaki Wada (Vice-President) and Ignacio Boixo (President).

After the Assembly, the following topics were presented:

  • Proof of concept tool converting flat files into XBRL instance documents, with FINREP examples in both Data Centric and Moderately Dimensional architectures.
  • Research in conversion from XBRL to RDBMS (Relational Databases)
  • User friendship and language translation in the open source validator and viewer Arelle tool.