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Thursday 2nd June 2016, 10:40 (Room A). See more at XBRL week in Frankfurt

European Central Bank, Sonnemannstraße 22, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Agenda for the Sixth General Assembly

The 6th General Assembly of the OpenFiling association is convened, according to the Articles 8 to 11 of the OpenFiling Bylaws, in the place and date abovementioned, with the following agenda:

  1.  Report of the President
  2. Questions and Answers
  3. Approve the management performance of the Board
  4. Panel: Open Source initiatives for XBRL
  5. AOB

Art. 11. Bylaws:

a) Appointment of the Board and its officers, directors and representatives, as well as honorary members: The Board has no proposals to this 6th General Assembly.

b) Review and approve annual budgets and accounts: The OpenFiling association has no budget (neither income nor relevant expenses). The potential operational costs (webpage is covered by XBRL Spain) are well below the implicit cost of management of a budget for the Association.

Art 9. Bylaws – The Assembly is convened at first time (where quorum is required) in the same place and date, but 60 minutes before.