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See the new versions of RECEX/REVEX, demo for didactic purposes in Visual Basic converting Excel flat tables in XBRL documents (useful for Data Entry) and, reversely, XBRL instance documents into Excel flat spreadsheets (easy to render Forms).

Examples are provided for the new FINREP/COREP of the European Banking Authority, as well as IFRS 2013

See the 2nd Openfiling General Assembly recorded as webinar at

Minutes of the 2nd General Assembly

Agenda of the 2nd General Assembly (see also below)

Alcala Street 522, Madrid, Spain. May 31st 2012, 17:00. XBRL week in Madrid

The 2nd General Assembly of the OpenFiling association is to be held, accoding the Articles 8 to 11 of the OpenFiling Bylaws, in the place and date abovementioned, with the following agenda:

  1. Report of the President
  2. Questions and Answers
  3. Approve the management performance of the Board
  4. Panel: Open Source initiatives for XBRL
  5. AOB

Other Article 11 points:
a) Appointment of the Board and its officers, directors and representatives, as well as honorary members: The Board has no proposals to this 2nd General Assembly.
b) Review and approve annual budgets and accounts: The OpenFiling association has no budget (neither income nor relevant expenses). The operational costs are below the threshold of management costs for a budget for the Association.

(Art 9. Bylaws – first time at same place and date, 60 minutes before)

A consultation document on Irish Revenue’s approach to the implementation of iXBRL for filing of accounts, tax computations and tax returns was published on its website today and is available at

Consultation Process
Revenue is interested in hearing the views of practitioners, taxpayers and other interested parties on the proposals contained in this document.
5 Electronic filing of financial accounts and tax computations using iXBRL
Revenue is particularly interested in hearing your views about the preparation required by tax practitioners and accountants to meet with the requirements of these proposals as set out above.
Ongoing Consultation
Beyond this initial consultation Revenue will engage with taxpayers, agents and all interested parties throughout the development and roll-out of our iXBRL programme and we will work with you to try to deal with any areas of concern in a mutually acceptable manner. Our objective is to make the implementation of this development as smooth as possible for all concerned.
Submissions to Consultation Process
Submissions should be addressed, before 29 February 2012 by letter, or preferably, by eMail.
Postal address: eMail address:
Brian Boyle,
Large Cases Division,
Setanta Centre,
Dublin 2.

Charlie Hoffman has produced an interesting series of documents in his blog under the heading

Characteristics of a Quality SEC XBRL Filing


The format and topics covered are a useful template/framework for producing documentation for similar pieces of work for COREP and FINREP