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Is ESEF ready to work in the 23 languages of the European Union? YES

Is the ESEF taxonomy 2017 published in all 23 European languages? Almost, but it’s not. While the taxonomy ESEF 2017 has published 5,157 English labels, for the other 22 languages ESEF only has 4,610 labels.

Why? In the ESEF taxonomy 2017, the label linkbase defines 4,610 labels, plus another 547 label-Roles different to the standard one (totalLabel, periodStartLabel, periodEndLabel, terseLabel, negatedLabel, negatedTerseLabel, negatedTotalLabel and netLabel). These 547 label-Roles are defined only in the label linkbase for English, but not for the other 22 local languages.

Impact? In languages other than English, the usual XBRL software presents about a 12% of missing labels (usually represented by the qname, id or name of the item, or English label at best) in the middle of local language labels.

Treasury presentation (French)………………………………..Non-current assets presentation (Greek)

How to fix it? Simply use this open source ESEF Label Linkbase Generator Program, which takes the 23 ESEF label linkbase files and generates a directory with the 22 non-English label linkbase files, now including the missing label Roles.

How it works? The document ESEF Label Roles Generator for Languages (other than English) describe each Role, case by case, with the recommended solution. Simply execute it with the ESEF 2017 files.

How to download the results? The ESEF 2017 Illustrated Taxonomy (oriented to users, with 23 languages in an Excel workbook, and the 22 non-English label linkbase files, including now the missing label Roles, are freely available here.

What about ESEF taxonomy 2019? There are 5,613 English labels, but only 5,028 labels in each of the other 22 languages (585 missing label-Roles per language). A total of 12,870 missing label-Roles!.

Don’t panic! Download for free the easyESEF 2019 Illustrated Taxonomy here with all the 5,613 labels in all the 23 languages.

With no translations for label-Roles, Excel visualization of the ESEF Taxonomy 2019 are free to download from AMANA here as well as from Reporting Standard here. Corefiling offers a free taxonomy viewer (requires to create a free login).