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Data Point Modeler: Excel XBRL Generator (Excel add in)

This EXGEN development has been frozen, being superseded by the DPM Architect tool, also authored/promoted by Victor Morilla. This page is therefore maintained  for reference purposes only.


Presentation/Instructions  – Installation Guide – Installation package – Source Code – Live demo (Video – PDF)

Developed in order to facilitate creation of taxonomies according to the draft Eurofiling architecture out of the Data Points Model (DPM) in  MS Excel format

  • automatic creation of primary items, dimensions, domains (structures of members) taxonomies consisting of schema files and linkbases (label and definition) out of the Excel DPM
  • interface for definition and output of tables linkbase (according to Eurofiling draft rendering schema and algorithms)

Overview of functionalities

  • hardcoded taxonomy architecture (common and European specific definitions, separate taxonomies for base, domain and dimension items) and possibility to customize basic generation data (file names, namespaces, data types)
  • reads information from worksheets in the correctly formatted DPM Excel workbook: definitions of items (worksheets discovered by hyperlinks or set manually) and relations (basing on worksheet name including “_D” at the end) and allows for editing in tool specific interface
  • generates taxonomies (common and domain specific) for:
  • primary items: items definitions (schema), labels (linkbase)
  • dimensions: explicit and typed (schema, typed domain is referenced), labels (linkbase)
  • domains: members (schema) and their standard labels (linkbase), subdomains for dimensions, structures and specific labels (linkbases with custom ELRs)
  • table linkbase (and associated files) design interface and output
  • uses information extracted from the DPM Excel worksheet in the step described above
  • outputs table linkbase files (schema, rendering and generic label linkbases, including folders structure)
  • save of extracted and rendering information (zipped xml file in custom format with .exc extension); load possible at any time in future (prompts for files: DPM Excel and Excels used for rendering)

Defining rendering information (Overview)

  • Input: information extracted from DPM Excel and stored in XBRL Taxonomy Generation AddIn, business templates (BT) in Excel format
  • Functionality: Splitting of BTs in statements and tables (i.e. components of statements). Reflecting columns/rows of BTs as tree structure (x and y axis) of rendering linkbase (automatic or manual). Addition of hidden/dropdown (template application) information (z axis). Assigning of items (base items, members for dimension) as axis coordinates
  • Output: schema files (roleType definitions). Rendering linkbase files. Generic label linkbase files (for row/columns coordinates

Other characteristics:

Requires .NET (v 3.5) and Excel libraries (2007 or higher) in use. No formal requirements set upfront (functionalities created and added on-the-fly). No XBRL validation (some rules included for errors discovered during testing). Llimited customization possible with many rules hardcoded.

Authors / contributors (in alphabetical order):

Víctor Morilla, BdE (Project Manager). Augusto Ruiz, IECISA. Bartosz Ochocki, BR-AG. Derek De Brandt, AGUILONIUS. Ignacio Boixo, BdE. Renata Fiedura, BSB. Wouter Van Sever, AGUILONIUS


Open Source development, under EUPL license. Many thanks to all the contributors!


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