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Current legal status: Openfiling non-for-profit association has been registered on 2011-07-08 as an international non-for-profit association of individuals, with the number 32.378 in the Community of Madrid, Spain.

Meeting in London on March 30, 2011, at 13:00 hours, all the individuals which are detailed below:

(If corporate: name and representative)
Ignacio Boixo (Spain)
Victor Morilla (Spain)
Javi Mora (Spain)
Herm Fisher (U.S.A.)
Katrin Schmehl (Germany)
Eric Jarry (France)
(and many others by e-mail)


1 .- To establish an association, under Article 22 of the (Spanish) Constitution and in accordance with the Organic Law 1 / 2002 of March 22, to be named OpenFiling Association. (Remember that the name must be identical in its entirety, including acronyms, which appears in Article 1 of the Bylaws, as well as in the rest of the documentation)

2 .- To approve the Bylaws by which to govern the Association, which was read in this act and approved unanimously by the meeting.

3 .- To appoint the members of the governing and representative body composed of (at least 3 members in the audience):
President: Mr. / Ms. Ignacio Boixo
Secretary: Mr. / Ms. Javi Mora
Vice-president (where applicable): Mr. / Ms. Victor Morilla
Treasurer (if any): Mr. / Ms                 Members (where applicable): Mr. / Ms

And no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 13:05 pm on day of date.

Original signature of all participants in the 2 copies of the Founding Act

(Note: This is a translation of the original minutes in Spanish. According to the Spanish Law, the first meeting of any new Association shall follow a predefined agenda, and the signed minutes shall be filed in the Registry of Associations. In order to simplify the official procedure, the three people present in the founding meeting, who live in Madrid, are the acting Board -three people minumum-. Once the Association became officially registered, a regular Board will be elected. No Treasurer was appointed as OpenFiling do not need funds to operate).