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SME’s Accounts

Benchmark a Spanish SME financial report with Sectoral rates in Excel and Java as well

The Bank of Spain has regulated (Circular 6/2016, June 30 2016) the method of calculation the position of a borrower SME in relation to their sectoral rates. See presentations of Manuel Ortega, Head of Central Balance Sheet Office, as well as Iñaki Vázquez, Business Registrars and Javi Mora, Manager of XBRL Spain

All the Spanish companies must file their annual accounts into the Business Register. About 80% of the filings are in XBRL, according to the Official Spanish GAAP PGC2007 taxonomy.

The sectoral rates of non-financial corporations (RSE database) are public in the Bank of Spain website, as well as an example of Excel spreadsheet that creates a benchmark between the XBRL instance document and the RSE database.

Simply open the Excel, select an XBRL instance document and the sectoral rate, et voilá
Interested in the source code? As a standard Excel VBA, you simply should remove VBA password

XBRL Spain has created that Excel, based in the work of Iñaki Vázquez (Business Registrars) and Javi Mora (XBRL Spain). Test cases are available here. Download also a generic Excel viewer for Annual Accounts and also documentation and resources in Spanish.

In a further refinement, Javi Mora (XBRL Spain) has also developed a Java open source  with an online demo implementation that zip/upload the XBRL instance you select and places the resulting benchmark Excel into your download folder. Simply go to, Selecciona (Choose) an XBRL file, and click in Subir (Upload). Questions? Contact with